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I want to quickly say, there is no way to write a teeth whitening review without it sounding dirty. I have tried but essentially you are squirting this weird textured stuff in your mouth. So get your dirty mind on (or off if you are my family or youngsters or those who get far too easily offended) because things are about to take a turn here on JAC & THE BOX.

Long story short, my teeth are not that white. They have that “I drink too much tea and coffee” stain that I just can’t seem to budge no matter whether I brush my teeth five times a day or two. So when I came across teeth whitening, I got excited.

I have always said I wouldn’t mind whitening my teeth – because I wouldn’t. But one of my oldest friends is training to be a dentist and any time I mention the idea he scowls so hard he could be wrinkly by 25. But when I mentioned Minty Coco – he seemed cool with the idea. So I went ahead and tried them out.

I ordered a 14 sachet box of a peppermint and coconut oil teeth whitening kit. You’ve probably heard about a lot of different natural coconut teeth whitening sets, but this Minty Coco one is the first that I have tried.

Minty Coco Teeth Whitening | Scottish fashion & lifestyle blog JAC & THE BOX Minty Coco Teeth Whitening | Scottish fashion & lifestyle blog JAC & THE BOX Minty Coco Teeth Whitening | Scottish fashion & lifestyle blog JAC & THE BOX

Firstly, just like the packet pre-warned it does feel really rank when you first put it in your mouth. And if you think about it, it’s no wonder. You need to warm the coconut oil mixture under a warm tap or between your hand before squirting the contents of the packet into your mouth. And then as soon as you’ve done that, you just sort of have to swish it about – including the lumps that didn’t quite melt before you put them in your mouth.

You keep it in your mouth for approximately 7 – 15 minutes. My way of doing this without gagging at the thought of this liquid was to watch some sort of YouTube video or do my make-up. That way I was distracted and I was getting things done at the same time.

So eventually it comes to the point where you really can’t hold the liquid in your mouth anymore so you head to the bathroom to spit it out (don’t swallow – particularly important when teeth whitening).Once you have spat it out there is a bit of an odd texture that you can’t decided is good bad – I mean it tastes good. Kind of minty.

But you won’t feel like that for long because then you just brush your teeth as normal and that’s that. I would advise doing this whole process after breakfast and morning coffee but before you do your teeth. I mean, maybe do them a little bit so there aren’t any bits in your mouth. But doing it first thing in the morning means you can take your sparkly whites out for the day. 

I will admit that the first couple of times I used the product, I gagged. I don’t think I warmed it up enough which didn’t help but you eventually get used to it. The product itself doesn’t make your teeth feel sensitive and after just a few times, I could for sure see a massive difference. And do you know something, having whiter teeth made me feel a lot more confident.


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