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Happy Monday and hello again. I have been away from my blog the last couple of weeks while I was on holiday and then manically trying not to fall asleep and travelling to London. But let’s get into my Chania accomodation post.

Anyway, this year I took an unexpected trip to Chania and absolutely loved it. I was basically sitting on Ryanair and typed from Glasgow and then the option for Chania came up, it was pretty cheap and I was like – hey why not and booked a week for Greg and I.

Not knowing what to expect and not even knowing the name of the darn place (pronounced Hanya for anyone who like me thought they were on the wrong flight when it was announced we were landing in Chania at the end of the flight) we booked two accomodations a 15 minute walk from each other to ensure we saw different places.

The first accommodation, while it was lovely I probably wouldn’t recommend for more than a stop-over. We arrived and were taken to our little room (and I mean little) that had shutter windows (my favourite FYI), a giant wadrobe, a decent bed and what can only be described as a cube. Lets just say you probably shouldn’t share this room with anyone you aren’t extremely close to because there are no secrets when you use that toilet.

However the second accommodation was just perfect. We booked an apartment for the best part of our stay so as to ensure we had our own place and nobody around that could judge us on how extremely messy we are.

Chania travel blog balconyChania travel blog view

The apartment was on the fifth floor allowing for incredible views from each room and the balcony – oh yes, a balcony. And upon arrival we were met by the lovely Nicos who gave us loads of tips on what to do in the time we were there including hiring a car, which we did and do not regret at all. Apart from when we got lost in the old city, almost crashed and almost caused us to break up or just you know, break.

Before I get into giving you a imaginary visual tour, I need to also mention the thing was in the best darn location. You were close enough to the shops and water front and beach and centre to not have to walk for longer than ten minutes but far enough away to not hear any noise apart from the adorable dog next door which really wasn’t that noisy.

Anyway, the apartment was incredibly light and bright with big windows covering the back wall in the bedroom and the front wall in the living room including sliding French doors as an access to the balcony. The bedroom was huge with a massive comfy bed – essential for the worlds sleepiest gal.

Chania travel blog bed 2 Chania travel blog bedKITCHEN

There was a teeny little kitchen which was perfect for us to have coffee and breakfast in in the morning as well as the comfiest sofa (which was actually a sofa bed) for evenings where we just wanted to curl up and watch a movie.

FYI take DVDs we attempted to watch a Greek sit-com and then resorted to Back To The Future on Greg’s phone – I fell asleep.

And the bathroom – possibly my favourite part. It was a long toilet but was a lot more private. We were able to poop in peace without any awkward angling or telling each other to get out the room because we gotta go.

Anyway, aside from the toilet, there was a sink with a bit at the side to carefully sit all my make up and then a wonderful, and I mean wonderful, shower. I have strong reason to believe that Sheri from ForeverYoursBetty may have found this shower particularly heavenly with its bright orange tiles surrounding you in every way and making you one feel glam and two look extra tanned – be warned when you step out you do not look like you have caught as much sun as expected in the shower.

Chania travel blog shower

And that is pretty much the apartment. I forgot to take photos – soz – but have used a few from the AirBnB profile which I have also linked right here for you to enjoy because seriously – it was amazing and you should for sure check it out if you are looking for cheap flights or just a great holiday stay.