It is the season of celebration with endless amounts of ridiculously exciting things happening. First up – read my last post because that has the most exciting news in it. And no I will not tell you here. That ruins the point of the previous blog post doesn’t it?

This time we were celebrating the end of Greg’s life as a student. That’s right, Greg has entered the real world. He has been working so hard for the last six months, well four years, and to be honest I am just really God damn proud of the boy. He is one of the most hard working people I know while also one of the kindest people in the world.

So I decided he deserved a wee spa trip to celebrate. Now I had seen a few people out at Cameron House and the magical infinity pool had left me in awe. So I decided we (he) deserved to witness this magic too.

JAC & THE BOX | Cameron House review JAC & THE BOX | Cameron House review JAC & THE BOX | Cameron House reviewJAC & THE BOX | Cameron House review

Now we don’t have a car which made me think getting to this magic would be a wee bit difficult, but actually the train costs less than £4 with a 20 minute walk toCameron House along Loch Lomond and then there is a free shuttle service from there.

And here is where I will let a small interlude for a funny story starting with the shuttle bus. We have all heard of Take That, however for me Take That have never been a big deal. In actual fact, I only really know Gary Barlow and that is because he sold out and was a judge on X Factor for a while. He also does some great charity things and he didn’t wash his hair for 14 years and I will never forget that. Apart from him though – I do not know the band at all.

Anyway, we were waiting on the bus and there was this rabble of women standing outside and I was dreading it because I was not cool with the spa being this busy. I wanted serenity – not madness. Then the the tall one from Take That, Howard my sister tells me, walked out and they all went crazy. Meanwhile I am trying to get the attention of the concierge for the bus because why is this man in an odd jumper getting a private car while we wait on a bus.

Anyway, off he went. Then the concierge told me Take That were staying and that was why all the women were there.

So we get to the spa, we’ve been in the infinity pool for about half an hour and have become a wee bit pruney so decide to go for a steam in the steam room. We come out, in need for a shower, and I ask the guy standing next to it if he is waiting and when he says he’s used it, I follow up with how? I don’t spa a lot and this had a lot of buttons. He kind of smirked at me and said press one of the buttons, which was cold FYI, and said it is good after a sauna or steam.

And then someone asks for a selfie and I am thinking: “I have made it. This is my time.” Only to realise she isn’t looking at me. She is looking at my shower helping man. Who, well, was the Take That guy, that I have not recognised for a second time. A bit embarrassed I quickly walk into the freezing water because it is my only escape.

Back to the spa – there is a lot on offer. No promises Howard will be walking around the entire time, it is still magical. My favourite part is the infinity pool. We spent a good hour up there at different times and I love it. The view into the hills and the cool air breezing through as the hot water snuggles in – it is magical and I absolutely loved it.

I was also a massive fan of the sauna – something I never thought I’d say. It was really bright and beautiful and looked right out onto the hills once again. I think the hills being around me all the time will be one of the biggest things I’ll miss (seriously read this post). I felt really relaxed and chill even though I was sweating my weight off.

JAC & THE BOX | Cameron House review

Needless to say, I would 100% recommend going to Cameron House. The actual spa is out at Carrick House but the walk along Loch Lomond and the grounds of the actual hotel are amazing so it is worthwhile visiting them. One thing I would note is they will recommend the Boathouse – do not do it. The food is average but it costs what can only be described as an arm and a leg. We have eaten there before but on this occasion decided to head back to Loch Lomond Shores where we each had fish and chips in a much cheaper and really lovely place.

I received a discount in exchange for a review, all opinions mine though, duh.