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Getting lost with a map

Today we hit Camden town which Greg, who has been coming to London since he was 5, had never seen…or at least he couldn’t remember if he had. He soon realised that Camden is not the kind of place you ever forget with the music stalls blasting out some of his favourite music covered by questionably dressed people.

Walking through the stalls and food carts set up everywhere we somehow managed to leave without buying a single thing…other than a cup of tea. We decided to stay cheap today so after making way too much salad last night, we put the left overs onto a nice crunchy baguette making a delicious and incredibly cheap lunch.

We wandered through Camden oohing and ahing at all of the different colours, foods and clothing. There is such a variety there from clothes to food and books to music, and every genre of music at that! Sadly our noses began to sting from the incense at every stall and we had tried so much free food we were at risk of actually having to buy some so we left for Leicester Square…or so we thought.

Rather than heading to where we wanted, our first tube ride turned out to be less than perfect and we landed at London Bridge, not that it was too big a deal since we hadn’t been yet. We casually meandered through the people before buying two tubs of pringles to munch on while we people watched over the river.

It was incredible thinking that David Walliams had swam through that dirty brown water and somehow survived. The dirty water was horrible, even from a height so I can’t imagine having to push myself through it while gulping in way too much. The most daring thing I did was stand on the crack where the bridge opened and prayed no big boat would suddenly need through!

For this adventurous day I wore my current favourite Boohoo dress and H&M leather jacket to keep warm. I slipped into my white converse paired with frilly socks so that I was comfortable for all the walking and colourful for, well, Camden!