Blogging is hard man. And people think its this easy as hell little hobby but it is not. I spend half my life trying to find time to take pictures and then the other half trying to find clothes to take pictures of. Because to be honest I am not stylish. I started this little space on the internet after reading Thank Fifi. At that point I thought I could do fashion but then I realised that I don’t have nearly as many clothes and I am not the most photogenic.

Fast forward three years, and I am bumbling along creating content that I love but that isn’t without inspiration from a number of other bad ass women. Now we all know my favourites that I never stop banging on about, in fact here is a post I wrote last year about them and their instagrams, so I thought I would change things up and talk about some new finds from the last few months.

Amy from The Little Magpie is my girl crush. There I said it. Not only are her posts incredible and her pictures beautiful, but the outfits are just amazing. I love seeing different ways to style some crazy cool patterns and Amy just does this. She seems incredibly down to earth and generally pretty cool.

Tereza from City Space Bliss is a great blog if you are looking for new bloggers. I originally discovered her on Twitter (you should follow me) from her Six Blogs I Have Actually Read post. I really liked this because it inspired this and also, I discovered even more blogs. Anyway one thing led to another and I had been reading for an hour, oops.

Emma from Emma Inks is so bloody cool. I actually discovered Emma when I was looking to see how was going to be heading to an event I was going to with Ibis last year. I don’t think we caught each other but I really wish we had. Her effortless grunge style is so damn cool. I don’t know what else to say other than Emma is cool.

alery is a US blogger at self-titled blog Valery Brennan and I discovered her through an instagram comments pod. Truth of it is, I sometimes join the pods to find new instagrams to follow because I am really bad at remembering to comment on all the pictures on time so I leave before I get kicked out. But not only am I in love with her hair/style/posts, Valery has also got a great post about Pinterest which I am gradually getting there with (I am not getting there at all but follow me?)

And finally The Little Plum. This is a more recent one but again I got lost in the archives of this one. Chloe recently wrote a post about not being an insta-girl and everything about it resonated. I really enjoy her writing style and her pics are hella cute. I am now down for buying everything she has because I want to look that amazing.

And that is my round up. What bloggers do you find inspiration from?