JAC & THE BOX birthday wishlist

It is my birthday one week today. One week today and I am going to be 23 years old. Can we just take a minute to think about this please because 23 feels old. Am I now old?

I was going to write a big long blog post about 23 things I’ve learnt before turning 23 but I did that last yearMaybe one new thing I have learnt in the last year is that we need to speak up about things. Talk about feminism, sexism, sexualtiy, gender, equality. Bring it up in conversation. We shouldn’t be shying away from these discussions just because they are a little bit controversial. So there, that’s what I’ve learnt.

So instead, I thought I’d do a wee wishlist. I am not really big on wishlists, mainly because if I want for something I tend to save up and buy it myself. I have this annoying independence streak in where I strive to be able to do everything myself but still want to spoil other people.

Don’t get me wrong, I get completely spoilt regardless not asking for anything but this year I thought I’d make a wee wishlist. A lot of these things are very high end and probably very unlikely to ever get but hey ho – here is my wishlist.

Also side note: I am not really expecting any of these things, which is why I have done it so late. I know that it is all a bit extravagant.
JAC & THE BOX birthday wishlist

First up a phone. Because Lord knows I need a new one. My phone hit a new record yesterday of being at 100% at 9am and then at 11am being at 56% without being touched. It then died at 49% a mere 10 minutes later and came back on at 87% only to jump to 1%. All before midday. So yes…I need a new phone. I have been thinking about this and while I always moan that I am not bothered about having the latest phone, I can conclude that I would like the iPhone 7. The camera just seems amazing and well…I haven’t had an up to date phone in a long time.

I have been looking for a purse lately and these are the few that I have fallen in love with. Although I can’t decide if I want a colourful one or just a classic brown. of course I would love a Mulberry, especially that little red coin purse, but it is crazy expensive and I actually like the girliness of the Kate Spade one. 

I have never seen Game of Thrones, so I basically just wanted the Game of Thrones box set. Everyone goes on about it and now I think it’s time I bit the bullet.

Make-up. Ooh make-up. I have not had a foundation anything like Nars Sheer Glow since it finished and it is breaking my heart. I absolutely loved it but just cannot bring myself to drop £40 on a foundation, regardless of how good it is. I have also heard that Armani’s is quite good as is Yves Saint Laurent. Basically I need a new foundation.

Some skincare. Now I don’t have great skin. I recently came off the pill because holy hell my skin was worse than ever to the point that the only product on my face when possible is coconut oil. But there are a few brands I am dying to try. First up Liz Earle. I have been following Liz Earle on Twitter for a while and been reading loads about them and it seems they would do wonders for my skin but I just can’t be sure. Secondly Origins. I have had testers from events in the past and they are incredible. Both are pretty damn natural so feel like my skin wouldn’t break out/destroy my soul.

I need some good books. I don’t know which ones, but I really need some new books. I have never really read any of the classics so I would love to do that. But in all honesty, I just want to read some books again. There is a spot in Glasgow that I took Greg to the other day that I really like going to when I am having a bit of a day and it is the perfect place to sit and read a book.

And would it even be a JAC & THE BOX post if I didn’t talk about wanting to be somewhere else? This year I really want to hit up a really exotic beach. At first I was totally keen to just check out California and to be honest I still am but what I would love is to see somewhere like the Maldives, Mauritious or St Lucia. When I lived in Uganda I visited Zanzibar and would love to go back there too. I just want a wee exotic island that I can explore in nothing but shorts and a bikini top, is that too much to ask?

I have also added a few bits I have found while rolling around on Asos including the dress of dreams and the long line Freya bra that will never be in my size – weep.

My birthday is only a week away now so I don’t for a second really think I will get any of this but hey a girl can dream, right?