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Let me be honest at the very start of this post – Berlin has never been somewhere I have wanted to visit. When I look through my list of places I want to go, you would be looking for a long time to find Berlin. I am not sure why, I just didn’t have much interest in the place. I wanted to visit Germany but I have little to no interest whatsoever in the capital. But I will get to that in another post one day.

However it was Greg’s birthday and flights were cheap, really cheap. Actually they almost always are. If you are looking to go off season, you can almost always get flights for a reasonable price on Ryanair. Accommodation on the other hand is a totally different story. Now I say that as if it is extortianate, it isn’t. It is difficult if you are going and paying for it all as a single person but it is reasonable. I was doing this on a budget so I was looking for somewhere around £40 or £50 a night.

At first I had a look at hotels, there were a few that caught my eye including Ibis Style, because I have stayed with them in Edinburgh so knew what to expect, and the endless number of Radisson Blu hotels dotted around the city. However if I had looked a bit closer there were actually a huge number of hotels that I never even considered. I was recently introduced to (I know, where have I been?) and there are loads of great deals on there.

As always though, I went for AirBnB. In case you’ve been living under a rock, AirBnB allows you to rent out an apartment or room from a local. We once stayed in a London one that ended up being an actual BnB and have had a couple of bad experiences but over all, Berlin was braw.

Our first stay was in an old factory. If I am honest, I think I mainly got excited about the loft bed. I have always wanted one since I was wee but my room in Perth wouldn’t suit it and then living in furnished flats made that all a bit tricky. I have to say the apartment was amazing. Granted a little creepy when we thought we were locked out in the dark on our first night and I nearly cried. Also odd coming out the shower and spotting people working in their office across the court yard, but it was really cool. I was also obsessed with the art surrounding the property. The entrance had the ‘see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil’ painted but with some of the world leaders which I thought was really clever. There was also comic strip art outside the building which I didn’t get a photo of but I caught in my video which should be uploaded soon.

JAC & THE BOX airbnb berlinJAC & THE BOX airbnb berlin

The location of the first was in Moritzplatz, this meant we were away from the main tourist part of the city, Alexandrplatz, but I was actually really grateful for that and would recommend the same. The first day we wandered around the centre but in the evening we were able to just wander around the local area where we found a beautiful Tapas restaurant. It was really busy when we went in and there ended up being live music and it was oh so cheap. Honestly, we had loads of food and a couple of drinks and the whole thing came to only 30euros.

The second accommodation was also incredible. We basically took a day trip to Bulgaria (which I will come back to) and our flight was delayed then we missed the train, despite buying our tickets, so had to get a taxi (do not be embarrassed to haggle the price) to town and didn’t arrive until well after midnight. Thankfully Marius, the host, was still awake and let us in. He was so accommodating and what made it even better was the apartment.

If I am honest, I didn’t have high hopes for this place. The images were really yellow and the main image was a clock but it was a week until I was giving the gift to Greg and I needed somewhere. Also it shows up more expensive when I link it but I honestly paid about £50 a night. I was on a budget. I don’t think I have any pictures but you can check the property out here. 

So this apartment was just big and open plan. It was huge and spacious and turned out to be in one of the oldest buildings in Berlin. The only issue was the fact that the toilet was outside the room which was tricky when I needed a wee in the night. This apartment was a five minute walk from Alexanderplatz which meant we could go out for a wander and not have to worry about how to get back. It was also really close to a lot of the attractions, which Marius also pointed out to us.


There were loads of other AirBnB’s I adored but couldn’t afford so I would definitely recommend having a look. And if you do book through AirBnB don’t forget to use my code to get £15 off your first visit.
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