Do any of your friends ever tell you they are just “putting on their tan” or “getting bronzed for the night out” and you subsequently look at them like they kind of have horns? Well I have always been that girl.


Don’t get me wrong I love feeling like a bronzed goddess, when I came back from Uganda and everybody had their “summer tan” I loved the fact that I was so dark I looked like a foreigner but since then I have never been able to get a great tan.

I have a fear of sunbeds. I mean, if I was going to get skin cancer it would’ve been in Uganda but I really don’t want to further the risk so I pretty much avoid them at all costs. Don’t get me wrong there have been a few peely wally moments when I’ve thought screw this I want a tan. Don’t worry, I stayed strong and went for a bath instead.

And I was always kind of unsure about spray tans with the fear of the patch. However I decided to bite the bullet and I headed along to Tropicoco to become, what I like to be known as, the Bronzed Goddess of May. I even braided my hair when I came home to really feel Goddess like – however I also avoided white at all cost.


JAC feeling bronzed after a spray tanBefore actually going for my tan, Caroline had told me about a few things that I needed to do to make the tan last longer. So obviously I took the night before as my pamper night to complete all hair removal professionally (in my bathroom) and exfoliate the hell out of my body so there were no nasty dry bits. I also moisturised the night before because I would have woken up looking like a prune had I not and then hopped in the shower to remove any oils left of my body before getting tanned the following morning.

Firstly, did you know you have to get basically naked? I mean, I am not the most comfortable in my own skin and I knew I was about to strip off but I just wasn’t quite prepared for it. Tossing my sports bra to the side and carefully folding my baggy joggies I stepped into the dressing gown for some sort of protection.

This was all really silly though, because Caroline made me feel so crazy comfortable that I could have pranced about naked and not cared. I mean, it is her job, but girl made me feel like a model. (FYI she also compared me to Miranda Kerr, the Victoria Secret model, don’t worry I had to google her too, but if that isn’t a good enough reason to go back I don’t know what is).

So what happens. Firstly it isn’t scary. Secondly it’s not that bad. Getting those cheeky under the boob spots and completing my funny stances to ensure no spots were missed, Caroline sprayed me into a medium brown. I wasn’t sure what colour I would go for, I wanted to get a real good tan on so just said go for anything. I obviously didn’t want to seem really dark and obviously fake but was up for that “Oh where have you been on holiday” glow, which I thankfully got.

The whole thing was really easy and in all honesty made me feel really confident. The worst thing about the whole experience was the walk home – it was very uneasy having a number of men stare at my obviously braless chest. But I suppose that’s what you get for having big boobs, walking home with no bra and living in the city centre. My plan in the future is next time I see men staring at my boobs, throw a bit of shade their way and watch them go red as a tomato.

However, if you are looking to get a tan I would 100% recommend you get out to Caroline at Tropicoco. I honestly felt so good about myself and loved how amazing she made me feel. So much so that I am now just having a browse through my diary for when I can go back because I want to feel like that again and since it’s just been SAASmas, I might get my nails done too.

This post was a collaboration with Tropicoco Salon, to find out more go here.