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Amsterdam where to eat JAC + The Box

Amsterdam is a city best known for two things: food and drink. I kid, of course I know it is for weed and prostitution, however I didn’t try either of these two things so don’t have much to say on those. Food on the other hand, I could go on all day. Or at least for a couple of hundred words.

I, of course, ate my body weight on the trip in the name of research just for you guys. So today, we are going to talk about what to eat. It was going to be and drink but it turns out we ate a lot and after I hit 700 words, I thought maybe I’d leave that for my next post.


This is going to be a pretty short section because we only had one breakfast to eat and it was from a wee bakery. I’m not much of a poached egg or crushed avocado on toast kind of girl, to be honest I’m not even a breakfast kind of person. So please don’t expect any of that. What I can say though is with the number of bakerys around I couldn’t refuse a morning pastry. But basically, as long as there is a coffee for me to try, I am happy.

Lunch and snacks

Of course being fancy shmancy is lovely but at the end of the day I much prefer a themed restaurant with lots of props to make me feel like I am in that movie, era or show. 

Which is why when one of my lovely followers suggested the Brecht cafe I was game. Quick history lesson: Brecht was a German theatre practitioner who didn’t believe in people having an emotional attachment to a play or show. He would make his sets really random, have full grown men playing baby children and would do everything in his power throughout his plays to stop the audience forming a connection to his stories. The things you remember from your advanced higher drama, Miss Davies you are welcome.

Anyway, the cafe was just as I had hoped. Really shabby chic with pretty much no organisation whatsoever. It looks like it was created way back when Brecht was alive. It doesn’t have the white light and chic fancy decor instagrammers dream of, but it has a romantic and friendly feel that makes you feel like you can sit and chat with anyone (or any dog – yes they let dogs in) you wish.

Amsterdam what to eat JAC + THE BOX Amsterdam what to eat JAC + THE BOX Amsterdam what to eat JAC + THE BOX

For food there is a wide variety on the menu, Greg and I decided to go for a sharing platter however didn’t really think about just how much food we had ordered. When it arrived we were given more cheese than even we could eat, lots of olives, dips, breads and all other delicious mezze dreams. There was bigger meals but from looking around the cafe it seemed most people shared plates. I would not recommend getting the biggest one just for the olives, purely because there was so much food left over.

To drink, we had a coffee each. Our 5am start was beginning to hit us and we knew if we had a bev we’d be sleeping by 2pm. However there is a huge selection of drinks and I believe there may be cocktails on offer too.

Amsterdam what to eat JAC + THE BOXAnother, more chic and insta worth cafe we visited was down by one of the canals, and was equally fabulous for light bites, coffees and wine. It has a super snazzy name too which I loved, Walem. My favourite part was, regardless to the fact it was the second week in January, we could sit outside under a couple of blankets and just watch as the world went by. Yes, I definitely do romanticize everything.

And finally, for a good lunch spot, is a Japanese place, situated above a Japanese supermarket. At first I was skeptical because why would a place so great be through and above a supermarket. And then when we arrived we had to queue to get in, but the queue was up some old wooden stairs that reminded me of my Grandad’s house.

However – it was the second best God damn Japanese food I have ever had (first best in Copenhagen). Just like with most Japanese restaurants in London, you are sat at a table and someone joins you in the spare seats, but we were lucky to be there first and were given the window seats.

Amsterdam where to eat JAC + The Box Amsterdam where to eat JAC + The Box Amsterdam where to eat JAC + The Box

The food is made fresh in the middle of the space filled with wooden tables and pots for sale. So you know, if you fancy your hand at cheffing you can purchase the stuff from the very place. We both went for the vegetarian ramen and it was delicious.

For a snack between meals (because yes I did this) you have to get chips. I don’t know why it is such a big deal in Amsterdam but there is a ridiculous number of chip stalls and shops all around the city, so of course I took one for the team and tried them out for you.


And I have saved the best for last. A recommendation from a friend, Rosa’s canteen. Now don’t get me wrong, this place was nothing special. In fact it just kind of looks like an old south american place they forgot to decorate before opening time and last minute popped a load of neon signs up, but it is so cool.

Amsterdam where to eat JAC + The Box Amsterdam where to eat JAC + The Box Amsterdam where to eat JAC + The Box Amsterdam where to eat JAC + The Box

We were sat upstairs away from the hustle and bustle of booze drinkers while we ate our dinner. The table was a simple rustic plane wooden table with semi-comfortable chairs and a single rose on the table. I reiterate just how much I like to romantasize things.

The wall beside us was a cement with a blue hue through it creating a number of different shades reminisent of the sky. Behind me sat a huge neon sign for a local beer and the rest was candle lit. It was the perfect location for an intimate gathering with friends and loved ones or to simply hide away from the world.

We went for a sharing platter to begin and then re-ordered a number of little nibbly bits together. I personally love to share food when I go to a restaurant rather than get just the one meal, because what if I grow bored of it? Or worse – the other persons looks better. So sharing means you get as much of whatever as you like.

Greg went for beers while I went for cocktails and boy oh boy do they make a drink strong. Not that I was complaining, but it was strong.

And that my friends, rounds up the where to eat about Amsterdam. Apologies it is so long and that it took so long to write it up but I pretty much spent the entire trip eating, and I am not sorry about that.

Stay tuned to find out what to do and where NOT to stay when you head to Amsterdam.