For the past few months, Greg and I have been like ships passing in the night. With a mix between our uni work racking up, working different hours and trying to keep some sort of social life, the only time we were really seeing each other was when we woke up in the morning to the sound of Radio 1.

Naturally it was getting to us both so a few weeks ago we booked the same weekend off for a hotel getaway. To be honest, I think booking the hotel was more stressful than not seeing each other. So as I was scrolling through Instagram I noticed a few posts about Ardoe House in Aberdeen. A few clicks and price checks and we had booked a Secret Escape to Aberdeen.

We booked two nights at the Mercure castle and our return train tickets and we were set to go. The Friday we were to leave came along, so we headed to our classes and then ran to the train station to catch our train. On the train ride, I started the new Jodi Picoult book and chilled for three hours. Greg and I were that annoying couple who sat cuddled up on the train while he listened to music and I read.

We then arrived and walked the worlds longest corridor to our room and which was beautiful, plus it had the coolest shower – THAT MATTERS OKAY?

We booked dinner for 7.30pm and unpacked while lounging about and I tested the waters (literally) of the shower. Which by the way, was still really cool. Throwing on my favourite Boohoo dress, we took some silly mirror pictures and headed to the restaurant. We had a table in the corner and some delicious food. Not only was it presented amazingly but it tastes fabulous. I was really quite pleasantly surprised after reading a review on Forever Yours Betty.

On day two we got up late and headed to the buffet breakfast. My favourite kind of breakfast. Link sausages, black pudding, beans, haggis and the best bit…hash browns. I don’t know about you, but hash browns and beans are the make and break of a breakfast. And without any of the things previously mentioned, it just isn’t a hotel breakfast for me.

We then went for a walk (with a whole outfit post to follow) and headed to the spa. We hadn’t booked any treatments but that didn’t matter. We sat in the steam room for 20 minutes, then the sauna and then we quite literally played like children in the pool. There is something about being in a hotel swimming pool that reminds me of playing sharks and fish, seeing who can do the best hand stand and testing who can hold their breath long enough. In other words, I still can’t grow up and do the whole lengths and dry hair thing.

After our swim, we sat in the board room (fancy name for a big ass room with a beautiful fire and super cool ceiling) to enjoy afternoon tea and a bit more of my Jodi Picoult book.

In the evening, I took more time getting ready. If Friday night was anything to go by, I hadn’t dressed up enough. So I straightened my hair, applied my make-up meticulously and pulled on the dress Greg bought me for my anniversary with my chunkie boots – it is November after all.

Sadly, Sheri’s blog post was a lot truer on the second night. We decided to be super fancy and order a steak each along with a few drinks. Our first drinks arrived quickly along with our starters. I ordered the pate – which would usually take me a week to finish, seriously the pate to oatcake ratio really needed some second thoughts. Greg had a parsnip soup though and it was amazing – safe to say I was jealous.

And then our steaks. As someone who loves a steak, and always orders one when given the opportunity (ie Dad is paying) I know a good steak and this…well let’s just say I enjoyed the mushroom. Unfortunately the steak was not good. Chewy like steak pie and burnt across the top – even though I ordered it blue (yes I am a wannabe vampire.)

To make matters worse, the drink we had ordered at the beginning of our starters arrived at the end of our main course. No more booze for Jen Jen.

We did mention it to the waiter but nothing was said so we headed back up to our room to relax and enjoy Fast and Furious 6 before I fell asleep – life and soul of the party over here.