A holiday at home

This week was the boyfriends birthday and as you can imagine I was just as excited as he was. It was a weekend of train hopping and present swapping as I wished my favourite guy and his twin brother a happy 21st with pasta, milky ways and hotel getaways.

To start off the weekend the boyfriend left me, not forever just for one night. He went back to Perth to see his family and spend some time with his mum and dad before I headed through. Firstly I had to finish work which was a long shift for only being 5 hours and then there was no water for a shower in the flat (that’s another story though) so I gave myself 15 minutes to pack and run for a train. Let’s just say it was a real rush to make the train and I needed a shower when I got to Perth.

Sadly it was raining in Bridge of Earn this weekend

However when I did arrive it was so lovely to be back in the countryside. I have always loved the fresher air outside of the cities. Growing up in Edinburgh I was quite lucky to be near Corsorphine Hill and a big open play park with no busy roads. And then living in rural Perthshire and rural Uganda has meant little or no fumes ruining me. However since living in Glasgow I can feel my body begging for goodness. It was as if I brightened up as soon as I hit the Perth train station.

The boyfriend and his dad picked me up and we chattered on the short journey to the village before a well needed cup of tea and a shower. We all dolled ourselves up and headed out to a restaurant which has been in Perth since I moved there yet this was the first I have heard of it – and it has a michelin star. The restaurant was Deans @ Lets Eat, I don’t know how I have missed it all this time. It was very fancy and we all started off with a G&T or beer. It was exciting to be somewhere fancy considering the boyfriend and I have been counting pennies for the past month.

The whole night was a blast with exquisite food and great company. I drank gin for the night, because I have really fallen for it recently. My food was divine as well. I went for a fishy dinner as it had been a while so started with salmon and lobster to begin. The flavours in this were amazing. I like to go all in when I get a meal given to me so I took a little bit of everything from the plate and experienced an explosion of flavour in my mouth. With a bit of mint, salmon, strong lobster and rocket. There were spices I never knew existed and a sweetness to the balsamic vinegar which was swiped across the plate. I am salivating writing this.

Between meals I did the unthinkable and enjoyed a glass of red between. It was a smooth wine with a strong smell but a weak taste – and I cannot remember the name of it. It was delicious though and I finished the whole glass before my main made an appearance.

The main was again fish, this time salmon cooked on the grill. It was incredible. The boyfriend who normally doesn’t enjoy fish had a taste and his eyes almost popped out of his head. He turned to look at me and we both knew it was amazing. The fish had been coated in a salted paste and grilled to perfection so it fell apart in my mouth. With the meal I got tomatoes and mushrooms which I didn’t think would be enough to fill me. I beg to differ, the cloud like tarragon potatoes that I ordered as a side basically went to waste as the richness of everything filled me up.

After finishing our puddings were delivered. I ordered the salted caramel and ginger pot which was maybe the only part of the meal I wasn’t overly impressed with. While it wasn’t bad I just felt like it wasn’t as incredible as everything else had been and while the sponge was spectacular I was stunned to realise it was almost identical to the sticky toffee pudding. The ginger didn’t even really spring through.

However the boyfriend was presented with an incredible pudding that said Happy 21st Birthday and included a giant sparkler which made his face go brighter than his hair and his smile sweeter than his pudding. Together the boys received a fruit cake which they managed to get all the candles out together and then we waddled to the taxi before all moaning about eating too much on the sofa.

After a restful day in rainy Perthshire including present swapping and two very excited (almost) 21 year old boys, the boyfriend and I headed to Edinburgh where Mr Hilton upgraded us to an incredible Kings Deluxe Suite. That night we headed to the Jolly Botanist for a selection of gins and another delicious meal before heading back to enjoy the luxury of our suite – which came with free dressing gowns.

A lovely relaxing holiday at home before I started work with the incredible White Light Media.