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My mum once told me she thought I should be a hat model. In fact any time she sees a hat she still asks me to try it on, takes a photo, tries to make me buy it and said: “I think you should be a hat model, Jen”. Unfortunately, her dream is dying. So mum here is me being a hat model for you.

Meet my £1 Primark hat. My favourite hat actually which has travelled far and wide with me on adventure after adventure. It’s most recent, Edinburgh.

As you may have read in my last blog post about Galentines, I was through to celebrate the big V day with big V herself. Lol I have never in my life called her that and she might kill me now that I have. Regardless I was in Edinburgh with Vicki.

Anyway, before I met her I took advantage of Greg joining me for a few hours and nabbed some outfit photos because we haven’t had a February outfit post. And today I am introducing you to The Bargain Hat.

JAC & THE BOX Scottish style blogger JAC & THE BOX Scottish style bloggerJAC & THE BOX Scottish style blogger

Jumper – Boden skirt – Debenhams Boots – Asos (similar) Bag Longchamp Hat – Primark (similar) Coat – Primark (similar)

One of the big reasons my mums hat model dreams for me aren’t likely to come true is because I just don’t really like a lot of hats. I have this one and a summer hat from Topshop that I bought for Crete and even that annoys me sometimes. I sometimes try caps on to get Greg’s reaction and he looks at me with such disdain you would think I just told him I was going celibate.

So I don’t really wear hats too often.

Until recently, but have you been outside? I would freeze if I didn’t wear a hat. Especially when I was in Copenhagen. I bought this one when I was out Christmas shopping with my sister and niece – my niece actually has a matching black one but I decided to go for a bit of colour since, as you can see from everything bar my hat and coat, I only wear black.

So let’s talk about the outfit now we are there. This skirt is one that I picked up from Only in Debenhams for a fiver. Yup, it only cost me £5. And I bought it about two years ago. To be honest it is a little bit big for me despite being a eight which makes me think that one – their sizes were wrong on the label and two – it isn’t supposed to be work as a high waisted skirt despite my efforts.

I suppose you can’t really see that here considering I have popped my favourite black Boden jumper (stolen from my sister who has since given up ownership permanently) over my t-shirt – which was grey if you were wondering.

I also have my favourite black boots on. They are just plain black boots that I bought in the Christmas sales from ASOS but holy hell they are so comfy. Normally I can last like a solid half hour, maybe an hour, in heels but these – well I walked around town for almost four hours in them.