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As you all know, I have really been making an effort to be healthy this year. From working out to eating and drinking a lot better and honestly I feel great for it. So when The Body Coach got in touch and asked if I wanted to try out some of their juices I jumped at the chance.

_DSC0994Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 19.36.35A few summers ago, I picked up a £20 juicer and made loads of yummy fruit juices that were super tasty – but essentially not very healthy. So I was excited to try these new juice recipes that were not only tasty, but also super healthy. When I was first looking over the juices I was sent I was a little skeptical. There was a lot of celery and beetroot and holy hell I hate them both, but I needed to try them.

I started Monday with the Feel Fresh Juice which meant two apples, two celery sticks, one lemon and half a cucumber – and I really enjoyed it. I even took it to the gym with me and my PT plus two others all tried it and said it wasn’t as bad as they would’ve thought. That’s also the yellow looking one in the photo.

I also really enjoyed the cool as a cucumber juice and the Green and Ginger – not just because of the name. But unfortunately, it was only the three of them that I could stomach. I just couldn’t handle the beetroot, fennel, celery or coriander in any of the others. Therefore I decided to create a few of my own.

Whenever I have juiced in the past I have always used a lot of spinach, carrots and apples. The three are perfect for juicing and create some amazing juices for a relatively low price.


_DSC0988 _DSC1000

So I have also got two of my own that I adored. The green juice is what I like to call Super Greens. Okay, I totally made that name up and this juice – but it is surprisingly tasty, cheap and simple. I threw in about 5 handfuls of spinach, half a lemon, a stalk of ginger and two small apples. I also added a little bit of water, mainly to clean out my juicer at the end, but it meant the juice went further and also tasted a little less strong.

The second juice, the red one, was a little more indulgent and pricy. It is a Tesco punnet of blueberries, five strawberries, two apples and a lemon. And oh sweet holy bajesus it was bloody incredible. Yes, it cost a bit more but it was incredible.

Since getting the juicer, I have started taking a juice out with me on my way to work, uni or just a walk with Max to sip on rather than a coffee and I can honestly say the difference has been amazing in how I have felt. I have felt less anxious, a lot more energetic and a so much more productive. Sometimes I do like to add a banana or an avocado to thicken it up but having the juice just makes me feel amazing.

There are loads of different juicing creations that are out there that you can come up with or follow. I did love trying these new recipes from The Body Coach and I have made a few incredible creations inspired by the recipes. Let me know what kind of juices you create and what you think is a great juicing combo, but for now I am going to sip on my super green and feel as fresh as a daisy.

PS if you decide to create a juice be sure to hashtag it #RealJuiceReboot and tag me so I can see the creation you have made, one I am nosey, and two I need more recipes.

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