Pumpkin carving | Scottish lifestyle and fashion blogger JAC & THE BOX

    It was a rainy night in Glasgow, obviously, and I had just woken up on the train back from Stirling after we had gotten lost on an adventure and then discovered a pumpkin patch. Unfortunately, we didn’t actually buy any pumpkins for pumpkin carving at this point but I digress. So it was raining and […]

  • LIFE

    Scottish lifestyle blogger JAC & The Box | A LAZY SATURDAY

    So like I said, I feel like I’ve forgotten how to blog so this lazy Saturday I decided to take pictures and take you through my day. I first saw something like this on Forever Amber, a blog that I am a little too obsessed with, and because I am nosy I loved it. So […]

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    Chania travel blog

    Happy Monday and hello again. I have been away from my blog the last couple of weeks while I was on holiday and then manically trying not to fall asleep and travelling to London. But let’s get into my Chania accomodation post. Anyway, this year I took an unexpected trip to Chania and absolutely loved […]