Last week I was in London with the day job. However I didn’t just do day job things, oh no. I was offered the pretty cool opportunity to head along to Ibis Lates, a collaboration between Ibis Hotels and The Roundhouse. Now before we get into this I am going to be totally straight with […]

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  • MAX IS 1

    Who remembers when we first got little Max back in January? It is hard to believe that in this time we have had so many adventures with the little man. Firstly I should explain a little about having a puppy in your life. Basically, Max is like a nephew to Greg and I. His dads live […]

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    First up, when I first visited GBK in general I thought it was Great Burger King – it is not. It is Gourmet Burger Kitchen. But I thought that ignorance and idiocy of myself might make you laugh. Anyway, today we are talking food. More importantly food at the new GBK at Glasgow Fort. Now […]

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    Scottish blogger JAC & The Box | Mens Gift Guide

    Hello everybody and welcome to the first of my Christmas gift guides. Now I hear what you are saying, Jenny it is the start of November calm down. But no. It is also only one more payday until Christmas. You heard me. So if you want to enjoy the Christmas period this is your Christmas […]

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    This weekend I have a lot of exciting things planned. So exciting that I am already planning for them and as I write this post it is currently Monday (preparation). Bonfire night is one of those things, like Halloween, that I was never interested in when I was little. But now that I am older […]

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    JAC & The Box Sundaze

    You know that weird Instagram thing that everybody does for Friday, Friyay. Well I like to do that for Sunday, Sundaze. Since starting a grown up, full team, five day a week job, I have found that while weekends are great. I always look forward to Sunday’s the most. Especially at this time of year. […]