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    LOOKING THIN | Fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger JAC & THE BOX

    For me, spring is the best. For one, my birthday is in spring, as is Greg’s. And for the second year I have bought him a trip which means I also get a “spring break” of sorts. It is also means picnics can happen again and there are lighter nights, so basically it is the […]

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    JAC & THE BOX DOG | Scottish lifestyle fashion and travel blogger

    God that sounds so terrible doesn’t it. But we do. I want to sit down and have a wee chit chat with you but to do that I feel like I need to give a bit of a life update. So, let’s talk. First things first, the back pain that I have suffered from for […]

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    Scottish Blogger Jac & The Box BOOHOO

    As I write this, I am on the train on my way back from Edinburgh and I keep finding myself screwing up my nose endlessly at Twitter, because once again mainstream media has proved its total ignorance to the blog and YouTube industry. It is nothing new but when you attack for the girl that currently […]

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    In case you didn’t notice – I am not in converse. That’s right, I have big girl shoes on. I know I joke, but seriously not wearing converse is hard. I don’t really like ballet pumps, I get too warm in boots and well, converse are just comfy. But on this particular morning I thought […]

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    JAC & THE BOX Travel blogger Copenhagen

    Copenhagen is one of those cities I had heard of but never really thought about going to. I actually have a friend who was born in Denmark but now lives in Italy (she also sounds English but lets not get into that at the moment). Anyway, even when she would rave about how beautiful Denmark […]